How to Create Your Writing Space

How to Create Your Writing Space

January 26, 2020

Aleisha Brooks

Having a proper space allows you to let the creativity flow. Without it, inspiration can be hard to find.

You have to be open to inspiration. If you have a space, time, location, and tools to write, you can create a space conducive to creativity. Draw it if you need to.

Decide where you want to write:

A cafe?


Inside your room?

Your living room?

A space you mocked up where?

Is it quiet?

Do you need music?

Need a fan or white noise?

Clean up the area.

Tasks that need to be done first, so that your attention is not on those things.

A program to write? Final Draft? Word? Scrivner?

What tools do you need to get started?






Note cards

Pens, favorite pen, marker, pencil



Your binders of character names and traits

Your outline

A big bold paragraph of your message where you can see it.

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