50 Reasons to Write

50 Reasons to Write

By Aleisha Brooks

December 22, 2019

  1. Life is too comical not to write about it.
  2. There are things on your mind that you need to say.
  3. There are things you want to sort out. If you write them down a lot of times you will find a solution.
  4. Life has become stressful. Writing in a journal make it a lot easier and reduce stress.
  5. When you want answers write your questions down. A lot of times the answers will just come to you.
  6. You want to do something different with your life.
  7. You’ve always wanted to break into storytelling songwriting or filmmaking.
  8. You know you belong with creative types associating with other writers can be very beneficial.
  9. You wrote years ago and you wanted to pick it back up
  10. You wrote for a class and your teacher said you had a gift.
  11. You have nothing else to do.
  12. You want to make your life more interesting
  13.  You want to create a brand new life a lot of times you can write down what you want and make it happen mini people call this manifesting.
  14. To simply improve your writing skills.
  15. To develop discipline and good habit. 
  16. To learn more about yourself.
  17. To free your mind.  
  18. To give the world a piece of you.
  19. To help yourself understand yourself better.
  20. To help others understand themselves better.
  21. To create beauty.
  22. To share a beauty.
  23. To initiate a dialogue about something important.
  24. To believe in something.
  25. To trust yourself with words.
  26. To write to a long-lost friend or family member the words you haven't been able to get off your chest.
  27. To tell a story, good or bad.
  28. To create life from thought and words.
  29. To create a new future we can all aspire to.
  30. To make firm decisions and beliefs and set yourself apart from the masses.
  31. To give life and heart to something wonderful.
  32. To assist and ensure art persists in the world.
  33. To make a living by creating life in art.
  34. To create a vision of the world you'd like to see.
  35. To report news, data, or something found.
  36. To inspire youth and move them to action.
  37. To celebrate things you find in the world that are miraculous or interesting.
  38. To show others that it can be done.
  39. To help others.
  40. To give others something valuable that they can use in their lives.
  41. To entertain others.
  42. To teach others.
  43. To help familiarize others with new subjects, worlds, and ideas.
  44. To create new worlds that others find themselves fascinated by.
  45. To show different parts of people, characteristics like courage, understanding, compassion, etc...
  46. To relay a story you've been wanting To tell.
  47. To pass on stories of generations old.
  48. To give hope to others.
  49. To help others find their own passion.
  50. To uplift others and yourself.

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