Adult Novel:
Erotica, Romance, Love



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Cleo Martin walked into her twentieth High School reunion like she was walking into the Academy Awards. She was going to turn heads tonight at her reunion, even if they were balding ones. HIgh School had been traumatic. She was not the beautiful, sexy, sophisticated and confident woman she is now. 

She was a geek, a very sexually frustrated geek. She grew up not really knowing her mother, why they left, or what happened to her. She was raised by her father, and although he did everything he could to make a good life for her, she had no female role model to turn to in times of need. Now, everything was different. She had been estranged from her father for ten years, she took a lover, she became an art curator. She started the careers of many hot L.A. artists. She was at the top of her game. Then, she saw him. Billy Pope. This reunion was about to get very hot.

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