Novelist, Author, Screenwriter, Writing Coach & Editor

Novelist, Author, Screenwriter, Writing Coach & Editor

My interest in writing started when at the ripe old age of seven I began writing poetry and short stories. I didn't really develop a style until I began reading fiction novels avidly. I recall as a child my most beloved books were "The Wizard Children of Finn" by Mary Tannen and "The Witch of Blackbird Pond" by Elizabeth George Speare. Later it was Stephen King's deliciously horrifying pages that occupied my interests, his short horror stories and novels were electrifying. A recommendation to HP Lovecraft got me hooked to his short stories. Then I fell in love with the science-fiction of Robert Heinlein and the classics of William Somerset Maugham. These are the authors that made me want to be an author and inspire others as much as they inspired me.

My love of writing goes hand-in-hand with my love of people, languages and cultures. In high school, I studied German and Spanish. At fifteen I got a scholarship for a summer exchange program. I lived in Berg, Germany for two months, and that short span of time expanded my viewpoint of the world. Having earned enough money, I returned to Germany as an exchange student after I graduated high school in 1993. I lived in the gracious little town of Oberharmersbach in the heart of the Black Forest.

After attending language camp there, I moved north to a city in the former German Democratic Republic where I attended school for a year. I learned there was another world out there. As I grew up, I knew the role of the artist could influence society. I wanted to use my gift, my experiences and my insight as a creative outlet to help people.

I banded with a local theater and began acting. I educated myself in the entertainment business. I wrote plays and directed them. But my love of writing was even stronger and I kept creating. I continue to write screenplays and wrote the YA book and script, Marney + Me, Isabella's Letters, my adventure romance novel, and a contemporary romance called Reunion. I'm also working on a Sci-Fi.

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