Novelist, Author, Screenwriter, Writing Coach & Editor

Novelist, Author, Screenwriter, Writing Coach & Editor

Hooked by Words, Inspired by Worlds

A lifelong fascination with language began for Aleisha at the tender age of seven, where a love for scribbling poetry and stories blossomed. Devouring fantastical tales like "The Wizard Children of Finn" and "The Witch of Blackbird Pond" ignited a hunger for adventure within her. Stephen King's chilling narratives sent shivers down her spine, while H.P. Lovecraft's cosmic horror burrowed deep into her imagination. The influence of Robert Heinlein's futuristic visions and Somerset Maugham's timeless classics solidified Aleisha's desire to become a weaver of words, an architect of worlds, and an inspiration to readers.

This fascination with language transcended the page, blossoming into a love for cultures. Throughout high school, Aleisha devoured German and Spanish, and at the life-changing age of 15, landed a scholarship for a summer exchange program in Berg, Germany. Two transformative months abroad broadened her worldview. After graduating in 1993, Aleisha returned to Germany, this time as an exchange student in the charming Black Forest town of Oberharmersbach. A language camp there sparked a further adventure, leading her north to a former German Democratic Republic city for a year of high school – a year that unveiled a whole new perspective.

The power of art to positively influence society resonated deeply with Aleisha. She channeled experiences and growing creativity into acting at a local theater, even writing and directing plays. However, the written word held the strongest pull. From screenplays to young adult novels like "Me and Marney" and "Isabella's Letters," to the adventure-romance "Reunion" and the contemporary romance of the same name, Aleisha's stories continue to flow. Currently, she weaves a thrilling sci-fi tale, forever enthralled by the power of language to transport and transform.

A Multifaceted Creative

Aleisha's storytelling wasn't confined to the page. As a natural performer, she reveled in captivating audiences with acting and theatrical productions. This love for visual narratives led her to filmmaking. Aleisha began directing short films, music videos, and documentaries like "L.A., I KINDA LIKE YOU," a celebration of the vibrant creative spirit of Los Angeles artists.

Witnessing the struggles of fellow creatives ignited a passion within Aleisha to empower them. She now coaches writers and offers a free video course to conquer writer's block. The book, "Crush Writer's Block Forever," stands as a testament to this ongoing mission. This year alone, Aleisha's meticulous editing skills have helped nearly 30 writers bring their scripts to life.

From Script to Screen

Aleisha's repertoire as a writer is as diverse as her interests, encompassing drama, comedy, adventure, and romance. Currently, she pens her tenth feature screenplay, adapting her own romance novel, "Reunion." 

However, Aleisha's artistic influence extends beyond the script. As a seasoned Script Supervisor, her keen eye for detail ensures continuity on sets like "Lifetime Movie Title," "Doctor's Secret Life," and numerous short films. Aleisha also produces short films and dreams of directing features in the near future.

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